A/N: Tori, Kat and Laoren belong to my friends and i have permission to use them in my story.

          The weeks went by quickly enough at Hogwarts that I didn’t worry too much about my family. I’d not received any more mail from my family, I was saddened and grateful for this. Saddened as I knew my house had added to my status as the black sheep, grateful as I haven’t received any more howlers. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Kat, Tori and Laoren. Not all my time though, the Weasley twins Fred and George have been asking me for my ideas with pranks. Most weekends I spent Saturdays with Tori, Kat and Laoren, including today.

          We spent the morning looking for a suitable place to hang out. We tried the library first but Hermione, Laoren’s twin, was in there with Harry and Ron (Kat’s twin) and both Laoren and Kat seemed not to want to be near their twins. We tried the great hall, but some third years were having a Wizards duel. We went back to the common room but some silly fifth years were going boy crazy. We eventually end up at the lake under one of the massive trees. We thought about trying the Quidditch pitch but we could see that Hufflepuff was practicing.

          Kat was the first one to sit down and relax, sighing.

          “Tori, I think you're the lucky one of the group here.”

          “Why's that?” asked Tori, brushing off her skirt before she sat down.

          “You haven't got any siblings to worry about!”

          “Yes I do!”


          We all looked at Tori eagerly. She always avoided talking about her family, so we’re not going to miss this piece of information. I rolled my eyes at Kat's surprised expression, we all knew that there was a lot Tori never told us.

          “Come on, Kat, it's not surprising she has a mystery sibling, we know nothing about her family.”

          “Tell us, Tori, Please!” urged Kat.

           Tori looked nervous and her cheeks were red. She sighed and said “Alright.”

          “Go on!”

          “I've got a brother.”

          “What's he like?”

          “Over shadowing.” Tori said a little bitterly “He outshines me constantly in almost every way.”

          “Sounds like my brother.” I sighed sadly, I knew how difficult it was to be the sibling that isn’t in the family’s spotlight.

          “Oh dear...” Lauren says “Speaking of your brother...”

          “What?” I look around and see my brother.

           “Hey Lisa!” he shouted confidently.

           I shook my head. “This can't be good.” I waited till my brother came up to the group.

          “Still hanging with these losers?”

          “In fact, I am. I, unlike you, have genuine friends.”

          “I have friends, Lisa.” he laughed, all the while looking down his nose at us “Good friends who aren't blood-traitors and the like.”
          “No, Draco, you have dim-witted followers who are obsessed with you because to them you are the embodiment of the ultimate Slytherin.” 

          He looked pleased with that.  Amazing, instead of being insulted, he seemed to think it was a compliment.

           “I got a letter from mother and father this morning.” Draco said smugly.
This saddened me. I knew my parents were happy with Draco, but I didn't know he was getting mail when I wasn't.

           “They're not happy with you, Lisa.”

           “I know.”

           “At all. Count yourself lucky if they even let you come home at the end of the school year.”

           I finally stood up in front of him. I'd almost forgotten I was about as tall as him. 

           That fact made me feel a little more confident.
          “If they didn't let me come home, it would be a blessing.”

          “Where would you go?” Draco smirked.

          “I don't know and I wouldn't care. In a rubbish bin with a family of cockroaches would be more welcoming than home.”

          Kat and Laoren stood up, too.

          “Lisa, if you ever needed to, you'd be welcome at my house.” said Kat, glaring at Draco.

           “Mine too.” Lauren added.

           Draco threw his head back and gave an almost mad cackle.

          “That'd be just fitting! Go live with them! The Weasley house practically IS a rubbish bin!”

          At this point I felt very inclined to hex him, thankfully Laoren stepped in before I got the chance.

          “Hey Draco.” Laoren said assertively. “You know those friends you think you have? Go play with them. You don't want to be seen with the likes of us anyway, do you?”

          “You're right.” he said cockily “I feel dirty as it is just being here.”

          He left us be after that and went back the way he came.

          “I'm so sorry guys.” I said. I was quite upset, but I didn’t want to cry in front of my friends.

          “It's not your fault he's a terrible person.” said Kat.

          “We're used to it by now anyway.” added Tori.

           “Shall we get some lunch?” asked Laoren in a forced cheery tone.

          “Yes!!” exclaimed Kat. 

          “I could do with a pudding or something.” said Tori.

          “Alright, let's go.”

           Half way to the castle, I stopped walking, causing the others to stop and look back at me.

          “What's up?” asked Kat.

          “I think I’m gonna go for a walk to calm down, I’ll catch up with you guys at dinner.” I say.

          “Alright... Just don't starve yourself. Eat if you get hungry.”

          I tried to smile at my friends to make them think that it was anger that I was trying to hide, but I wasn't sure if it worked.

           I walk to my favourite spot in the castle, it’s the astronomy tower, I’ve never been afraid of heights and the view of the grounds is amazing. I sit against one of the walls and cry, after about five minutes I feel better and I hear footsteps on the stairs.

          “Lisa, you ok?” George’s voice calls out

          “How’d you know I was here” I reply, surprised that he’d found me.

          “We have a special map that tells us where everyone is in the castle,” Fred says as he comes in the door. “But I must swear you to secrecy on that.”

          “I swear. So that’s how you manage to appear and disappear around the castle so easily?” 

          “Yep” George says grinning.

          “Want to talk about what upset you this time?” Fred asks

           “My brother and my family don’t want me around anymore.” tears are starting to flow again

          “Don't worry about them, Lise.” says Fred.

          “You're a part of our family now.” they say in unison, both pulling me into a bear hug.

          “What do you think of this?” they both show off a firework each. We spend the rest of the afternoon coming up with more designs.

           I caught up with the other group at dinner, feeling a bit better. That night in the dormitory, we talked a lot, and did it loudly. Our other dorm-mates were down in the common room getting advice about boys from some older girls. Apart from Hermione, who was probably in the library. Kat threw a Bertie Bott's every flavour bean at Tori. It hit her in the eye and she frowned, then threw it back.

          “You're meant to eat it!” laughed Kat, throwing it back again.

          “One, I’m not participating in this childishness, and secondly, I’m not eating any manky bean you throw at me.”

           Tori levitated the bean with her wand away from her. Kat caught it with her own, “Wingarduim Leviosa” and they battled to make it go the other way.

          “You know,” Laoren said to me I was seated on the floor next to her bed “We could write Draco a letter, pretend it's from your parents, and have it say how disappointed they are in him.”

          I raised my eyebrow at her “You have been hanging around Kat way too much, she's rubbing off on you.”

          At that moment, Hermione practically burst through the door. She walked over to her bed without a word to any of us.

          “Hi Hermione.” Laoren said in an exaggerated tone.

          “Hello Laoren.”

           “Do you... want to talk?”

          “No, I think I’ll just read a bit then go to sleep.”

          “Well, what if I want to talk to you?”

          “Can it wait?”

          “Come on, surely you can sacrifice your pre-sleep reading time for your sister.”
Hermione said nothing, but looked at Laoren with an expression that I couldn't decipher. I was sure Laoren knew what it meant.

          “You know what? Forget it.” Laoren said irritatedly “If you don't need me then I don't need you either.”

          “You're being totally unreasonable.”

          “Really? Me?” Laoren seemed shocked, obviously seeing Hermione as the unreasonable one.

          We looked on, quite surprised. We'd never seen them fight like this before. The rest of the night was spent being very quiet so as to not disturb Hermione. Laoren just ended up helping us with homework, and then we wrote a mock-up nasty letter to Draco from his “parents”, which we never sent.

           I think Laoren and I were the last to fall asleep, we both had sibling trouble on our minds and that often keeps people awake. 
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