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          "Miss, Miss, Miss, it's time to wake up." a squeaky voice wakes me from my sleep.

          "Dobby... Can't I sleep some more?" I mumble groggily, not even opening my eyes.

           "Miss, if you don't wake up you'll miss the train to Hogwarts." Dobby replies gently shaking my shoulder. I'm awake immediately, I've been thinking about today ever since I got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

           "Thanks Dobby, you go start breakfast, I'll go wake my brother." Draco unfortunately has a tendency to hit Dobby whenever Dobby goes to wake him up. "By the way Dobby, I have a name, it's Lisa. Please use it."

           "Thanks for waking Master Draco up, Miss." Dobby says, ignoring my request again.
He leaves the room before I can ask him to call me by my name again. I get dressed into normal clothes as I'll change into the school robes on the train, I head into my brother's room and shut the door.

           "Draco wake up." I say, he just mumbles incoherently into his pillow. "DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY! WAKE UP NOW OR YOU WILL MISS THE TRAIN TO HOGWARTS!" I yell as loudly as possible. Father had soundproofed our rooms years ago when my brother and I used to yell at each other daily. We'd fight like cats and dogs, we don't fight as often now, we're too excited about Hogwarts to think about anything else.

           "Is it the first of September already?" my brother mumbles with his face still in the pillow.

           "Yes, now get up and dressed, I'm going to breakfast" I say as I walk out of his room.

           I enter the dining room and neither Mother nor Father acknowledges my presence. "Morning Mother, morning Father." I say as I sit down, I don't get a response from Father, but I wasn't expecting one. He's clearly terrified I won't be in Slytherin and has been for a while now. Mother looks up briefly and says quietly "Morning Dear."
Draco was the golden boy, he could do no wrong. Sometimes I get the feeling my parents wish that my twin was the only one born.

           "Morning Mum, Dad." my brother says as he enters the room.

            "Morning Son," Father says looking up from the Daily Prophet.

           "Morning Draco, did you sleep well?" Mother asks affectionately.

           "Fine, mum." My brother says as he sits down. Dobby comes in with Father's breakfast first, and then Mothers then Draco's then mine. That was the order he had to bring out everything, Father first as the head of the family, mine last as I'm the black mark in the family. I refuse to be snobby and pull the 'I'm pure blooded, that makes me superior' thing. Dobby then brings out coffee for mother and father, orange juice for Draco and tea for me.

          After breakfast we use the floo network to get near the train station. I hold my new cat Snowflake's carry cage tightly as I travel, I don't want to lose her. We walk the final distance to the train station. As we enter kings cross station it's packed with people, we make our way over to platforms nine and ten.

           "Now, to get onto the platform you just have to walk through the barrier. It makes it easier if you do it quickly. I'll go first to show you." Mother says and walks towards the barrier, then disappears.

           "Go on Draco, you first." Father says. Draco half runs at the barrier then disappears.

           I straighten Snowflake's carry cage so it's secure on top and quickly follow Draco through the wall to save Father the awkwardness of not wanting to speak to me.
           The moment I get though, i'm struck by the sight of a glorious red steam train, and the platform is packed with witches and wizards seeing off their children.

           Father finally emerges through the wall and turns to Draco and I, "Do behave yourselves. I don't want any disappointments." He says, looking pointedly at me.

           "Make sure you write to us and tell us how the sorting goes." Says Mother as she starts walking us toward the train.

           Draco steps onto the train eagerly, bumping Snowflake's cage on the way past.

           "Draco, wait." Mother says. Draco looks back at her with a look of annoyance. "You haven't said goodbye yet." Ever since we got our letters from Hogwarts, Draco has been feeling a lot more grown up, and gets very annoyed with the fact that mum still treats him like a little boy. Mother signals at the both of us for a hug. Draco rolls his eyes and slowly walks back off the train, but I don't hesitate for a second to take advantage of the rare opportunity.

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