Disclaimer Lisa is my own character and Laoren is Thelky’s everything else belongs to JK Rowling.
This is Laoren’s story. It runs parallel to Lisa’s.
          The Whistle blows and we climb aboard the train. We wander about halfway down the hallway before he turns to me.

          “You wanna sit with me? Or find your own place?” Draco asks.

          “I think I’d prefer to make my own friends” I reply, I can see that he wants to be independent and when I say it he looks relieved.

          “I’ll see you at school then.” He says and surprises me with a hug. He hasn’t hugged me since I was eight, I’ve always hugged him.

          “Thanks Draco, I’m guessing you’ll pick Slytherin?” I ask, not wanting the hug to end.

          “Yeah, what other house would I go in? What house will you pick?” he replies stepping away from me.

          “I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’d fit in with Slytherin.” I sigh. We’ve had this discussion many times before.

          “You do realize that mum and dad may disown you if you’re not sorted into Slytherin.” He says trying to change my mind again.

          “I know, but I’m not like you, mum or even dad. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have the same grey eyes and blond hair as you and dad I’d swear I was adopted.” Once again I was repeating myself but I don’t think he understands how out of place and alone I feel sometimes. I walk away because I don’t want him to see me cry. I haven’t cried in front of my family since my father said crying was childish.

           I find the nearest empty room and let the tears flow. After a while a small chubby boy walks in.

          “Um... A-Are you ok?” he asks me.

          “Fine, I’m just…..” I wipe the tears away, not sure what to say.

          “Is it ok if I sit here?” the boy asks politely.

          “Sure go ahead, there’s plenty of room. I'm Lisa by the way.” I thought that I’d be polite and introduce myself.

          “I’m Neville” he says sitting down opposite me. “I’m glad I got accepted into Hogwarts. My gran thought I might not get in. She thought I might be a squib.” The boy looks around the compartment. Then a look of horror appears on his round face.

          “What’s wrong?” I ask, wondering if he knows what family I’m from and if that’s caused the horror.

          “I’ve lost Trevor! My toad! Could you stay here in case he comes back?” he asks worriedly.

          “Yeah, I’ll stay.” I say and return to looking out the window.

           I change into my robes halfway through the train ride. Soon after, Neville comes back and I wait outside while he gets into his robes. He then opens the door.

          “I’m dressed now, you can come back in” he calls and I walk back in. We talk about magic and what we would like to learn at Hogwarts.

          “I really like plants, so I think i'll like Herbology.” Neville says.

          “Cool, I think I’d like to learn potions and maybe transfiguration, though it's said to be difficult.” I reply. The time passes by quickly with the conversation and after a while we arrive at Hogsmeade Station.

           “Firs’ years this way.” The giant known as Hagrid calls out. Neville and I make our way over to him. He leads us to the boats

          “Everyone into the boats, three to a boat.” Hagrid instructs. Neville and I get a boat to ourselves as the number of students isn’t enough for every boat to be full. The boats then move off on their own accord as they are guided by magic. We arrive at a small beach and Hagrid calls out. “Hey Neville, is that your toad?”

          “Trevor!” Neville jumps out of the boat and scoops up his toad.

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